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Business Advisory &

It isn’t easy to prepare and track regular reports and test new strategies. What Rosewood Global brings to the table is our team of experts equipped with the know-how on data management, reporting and crafting effective strategies that will help you problem-solve and make the optimal decisions. Save time by outsourcing your reporting processes and relying on our multifaceted content to drive your business forward and improve the way you manage your team and projects.

We provide our market intelligence-based consulting services and solutions to start-ups as well as established companies and have experience in working with organizations of different sizes.

From business & financial advisory, risk & performance advisory, valuation & transactions support and more, we are here to guide and support your business on its path to success.

Market Analysis

A strong understanding of the market is a necessity to be a competitive and successful business.

Research and analysis are the foundation to set a rock-solid brand strategy, but it can be tasking and time-consuming for businesses to carry them out internally.

At Rosewood Global, we have tools and access that allow us to track the most recent market data, and the expertise to analyze it and use it for the benefit of our clients. We start all of our major marketing projects with an in-depth understanding of customers, competitors and the situation in the market, covering quantitative and qualitative research in the process.

Commercial Deals

Rosewood Global supports businesses with a wide range of Commercial Agreements tailored to your requirements. Our bid and tender writing services are powered by our long experience and serve to save our clients time and effort.

We have successfully assisted businesses of various sizes to win both public and private sector contracts.

Our team has mastered the art of the deal and manages the tendering process every step of the way, from identifying, analyzing and reviewing the opportunities to gathering data, deal writing, quality assurance and successful submission.

Market Research on
Goods & Services

Rosewood Global offers unparalleled market intelligence solutions based on our in-depth analysis of dynamic market trends, primary research and intricate data collection. Our exclusive insights into the marketplace, products & services, customers and competition are based on robust methodologies to ensure the utmost research coverage.

We provide our clients with a competitive advantage by applying these insights to help them devise the most effective business policies and forecasting.

Our vast experience with assessing market opportunities through innovative data analytics helps clients gain an invaluable understanding of market demands and consumer behaviours and opinions, turning them into customer-centric businesses with more upselling opportunities and a bigger market share.

Due Diligence Services

Contracts are written daily to document deals and allocate risks between parties. Their range is broad but in every type of contract, some crucial steps are needed to ensure your company’s interests are protected.

Due diligence is important to conduct before entering any new contractual relationship, and to do it correctly, businesses need experienced specialists who understand legal and financial concerns, local laws, and have the access to the needed information about the other party/ies.

This is exactly what Rosewood Global offers – we are here to conduct an independent analysis, help you assess and minimize risks, and support you with qualified and tailored advice. This way, no unpleasant surprises will arise after signing the contract and you can focus on growing your business safely.

Sourcing of Goods & Services

The sourcing of goods and services is an essential part of the procurement process every company undertakes. Rosewood Global provides supply chain solutions and consultancy that help businesses thrive.

We are here to connect you with the right vendors at the best value so that your company can operate smoothly, safely and in a way that is financially sound. We work as an extension to your team, providing hands-on expertise to help the company leverage the best service and the most effective supply chain.

Our services cover specializing inventory planning, supply chain planning, logistics and more. We help companies set clear and objective criteria for evaluating suppliers and do due diligence on contracts to ensure our clients’ best interests are represented.
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